Rebecca Schaefer

I have become fascinated with the practice of utilizing shadows as narrative and artworks in their own right, and after being inspired by the portraiture of Kumiya Yashita and the mixed media artworks of Joao Paulo Goncales, I wanted to create my own pieces utilizing the same historic “medium” and tried to combine it together with a background scene or landscape to create a more emotive story.

In making these works I wanted to combine my recent love of sculpture together with a depiction of a relevant narrative, and I chose the aftermath and recovery since of 2019/2020 bushfire season as the theme. The two pieces are each something akin to a memory of the fires and two differing perspectives on what has been lost in the infernos by using 3elements: impressionistic depictions of destroyed landscapes, shadows of what may have been lost and charred frames holding them all together as if they have been pulled out from burnt ruins.

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