Quinton Randall

I'm a Canberra based artist and part of the LGBT+ community.

I use my art practice as a tool to analyse my own experiences and feelings through experimentation techniques and exploring themes. Whilst most of my work starts as drawing and sculpture, I love to try new mediums and techniques such as puppet making, installations, zines and digital art. I'm interested in themes of spirituality, nature, fantasy and all things whimsical. I explore these ideas through research, imagination and finding links between my current concepts and mythological symbolism.

I like bringing my own odd twist to storytelling and character design to give life to a concept in an unconventional way. I have a broad range of influences, ranging from classic mythology to alternative pop culture, which allows me to have an eclectic approach with my practice.

I am currently studying my Diploma of visual art at CIT, where I have been able to expand my skills and foster a broader view of the art world. I’m looking to further explore themes of social commentary, childhood memories and the metaphysical in the future.

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