Anat Onn

Onn Wheels range is designed for people on wheels to make fashion accessible for all.

As a fashion designer I’m interested in making fashion accessible for everyone.

In Australia 4.4% of the population uses wheelchairs. For some its because of paralysis, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, so many different reasons, that asks for different technical solutions regarding operating the garments. When I met my father-in-law, it was a few years after he had a stroke. His right arm and leg weren't functioning, yet he was the most independent, and lively person. It bothered me that he used to wear what looked like sophisticated pyjamas. His disability made using buttons and zippers hard. He has inspired me as a designer. My focus is in finding the technical solutions to those persons with physical challenges so that they can keep their stylish appearance.

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Photography: Eunie Kim and Richard Thompson
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