Amelia Magri-Bull

The collection La Promesse focuses on the slower movements and motions of exercise, using the activity of hiking as a tool for meditation and mindfulness. The collection La Promesse (translating to The Promise) is centred around the current climate of 2020. Through the progression of 2020, the global pandemic has removed, reduced and limited societies ‘normal’ routine; people are now pushed to re-evaluate their monotonous daily routines and doing so, focus more within.

Alongside exploring mindfulness, the collection La Promesse also references to the somewhat ‘promise’ society is given each year; how each year in the past has given people the freedom and opportunity to explore, travel and live freely – the world had no borders. The 2020 pandemic has somewhat taken away that promise; we (society) for the first time have not been promised the freedom we once were given. For the first time in many decades everyone globally has forced to become stagnant, forced to look within rather than around. La Promesse was created to encourage people to re-connect with nature, using hiking/walking as a form of escapism; regaining focus away from daily routines and concentrating on a more soothing, centred and intentional lifestyle.

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Photography: Eunie Kim and Richard Thompson
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