Mary Macken-Horarik

My art emerges from my noticings of things in my immediate environment and from moments seized from other tasks on the sheep property in Yass. Making a drawing in charcoal or pastel helps me to look more closely at what I see – the shape of a cockatoo’s wings as it wheels in to take seeds from a ledge, the shape of a vase mirroring the shape of a dog’s back as it lounges in a chair or my husband’s closed eyes as he meditates or even the tilt of my grand-daughter’s face as she asks for a book. If I draw these things with my left (non-dominant) hand, I see them afresh and am less inclined to worry if the drawing looks like the thing I have tried to represent. Art making opens up a path to awareness, happiness and even reverence. I am wondering if it is also for me a path to the sacred in the everyday.
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