Arumi Mubbin

As an artist, I have been drawing since I was in kindergarten. Today, I am mostly known for my emotive works and my figurative drawings. One aspect allows me to roam free, the other reminds me in everything, there’s beauty. Writing is also one of my creative outlets as it is one of those rare moments I let go and give the wheel to my stripped emotions. I usually shine a light on themes surrounding grieve and acceptance when telling a story and if I can make even just one person to feel something, it’s mission accomplished to me. I have always been in love with pencils, charcoals and the smell of paints but recently, digital medium has taken up my time. As cliché as falling in love all over again is, it’s like learning how to draw and paint with the same confident yet confused hands. Whenever I’m stuck, I can always rely on my two coexisting sides; the grounded and the child, for shelter and to guide me through.
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