Chantelle Smith

I am graduating with an Advanced Diploma in Interior Design. I have always loved the idea of interior design, creating a space in a way that someone may have never have thought of. Over the last 2 years I have learnt many valuable skills and out of the box ways to approach a project. I have also gained proficient technical skills in Cad, Sketchup, Revit and perfected my skills in Photoshop. I have always had a creative side which I explored with textiles, woodwork, photography, media and now interiors. Having creative parents who have always pushed me to strive for the best I can be, has helped me believe in myself and the way I design.

I ultimately want to be more focused on residential design as that’s where I’m most passionate. I love creating intimate spaces and exploring new ideas to create a home. Hospitality also interest me as there is always new and innovative ways to create a space for the public that may not have been seen before. I have a deep passion for design and love to brighten up spaces with new concepts and different materials.

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