Bianca Lewis

I have always found myself with an eye for design. In my spare time I couldn’t help but pick up the pencil. My passion was quickly ignited and was something I realised I didn’t want to ignore. From drawing stars to designing fashion pieces and forever homes, I began to appreciate the importance of understanding the way people function in a space. It is important that you can take what you create on paper and explore ways of bringing your inspiration to life.  

From a young age I worked with my talented family, where my Nan designed and constructed the famous agricultural murals for the Royal Canberra and Royal Sydney Easter Show.

My artistic and creative interests increased with my performing arts and graphic design studies from primary years through to college.

I am currently enjoying working in the commercial design area and would like to work in the multi residential and hospitality sector in future to make me a well-balanced designer, perhaps even owning my own creative hub mixed of interior and graphic design.
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