Jennifer Johnson

I was raised in upstate New York, the daughter of an architect and social worker.  I received a law degree with a concentration in international human rights law and worked as a criminal defense trial attorney for a number of years.  I have since worked as a science teacher in Honduras, a full time glassblower and glassblowing instructor at a non-profit just outside of New York City using glass art as a means for kids to develop life skills, and a production glassblower for NYC lighting designers.  My skills include woodworking, welding, glassblowing, throwing pottery and computer aided drawing.

I enjoy the roll of connector and communicator.  My multidisciplinary education in philosophy, social sciences, and law, prior to my formal education in design has allowed me to bridge connections between objects, people and places that are not traditionally seen as connected.  There is great value for me in repurposing resources that already exist but have not yet been placed in the correct context to shine.  I enjoy creating that context.  I hope to bring an understanding of the complexity of process, and an enjoyment of detailed processes to make my design projects fluid, efficient, and creatively responsive.
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