Ngawang Dema

Interior Design to me is a way of bringing art to life. In the years that I’ve been studying at CIT, I’ve learnt that interior design plays an important role in our daily lives. It was wonderful to learn how Australia treats interior designs as it is a great factor in improving the working and living environment of people. I’m always mesmerised by the little things and tiny details that greatly impact on the way my designs can look. I enjoy doing free hand sketches and have always loved researching for every assignment that we had to do.

I love the whole process of getting an interior project done and like any other person, I would love to do what intrigues me. Interior design is a technique of creating wonderful spaces. I have always been curious with how things work and loved painting or doing something creative since I was a child. It would give me immense contentment to work in an industry where creative work is applicable. I would love to start my career in the design industry and look forward to learning something new every day.  I aim to create spaces that make people feel comfortable.
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