Rachelle Dealy

I am passionate about design in all of its forms. I am motivated to create a space that is empathetic to the user, whilst incorporating a sense of individuality within it. High attention to detail is maintained throughout the design process, enabling me to form both creative and unique solutions to problems. My background in psychology has equipped me with a sound understanding of how individuals interact with a space and how it can directly influence the behaviour of those within it. I am constantly seeking to expand my knowledge base and in turn, strengthen my design ability.

I aim to immerse myself in a creative, innovative and inspiring environment. I am eager to succeed and experience everything that this industry has to offer. I have a keen interest in multi-disciplinary design and hope to pursue a long term career in this area. Since childhood, I have maintained a strong passion for creative pursuits and I look forward to undertaking a profession which provides me with the ability to do this. Having lived and worked overseas, as well as having studied previously, I know that the realm of interior design is where my interests lie and where my future career is headed.
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