Meg Cathie

Interior Design is something that I entered into initially out of a love for art, colour, contrast and because I loved the idea of creating spaces that are beautiful and useful. I still believe that interior design is a fantastic artistic expression, but more than that, it shapes, outlines and inspires people’s lifestyles and individuality no matter what the project may be.

As an interior designer, I aspire to be a well-equipped ‘all-rounder’ that can achieve whatever task is put before me with a high standard of excellence. In saying this, I am passionate about hospitality and residential design in particular – hospitality because it can incorporate art and creativity which is what I love, and residential because I am passionate about helping people and building relationships. I see myself operating in the industry with a focus on what it means to engage with a person, and then create an environment that is authentic to who they are; their lifestyle, personality and needs.
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