Leanne Wakeling

Leanne has been drawing home floor plans since a young child.  Having lived in many homes she has learnt to appreciate what good design can do, but has also learnt the value of looking at space for its flexibility. For example, what can be done to meet the functionality a resident wants/needs or the names on the floor plan don’t need to dictate the room’s use.

With a strong belief in reuse, repurpose, recycle she aims to develop spaces that optimise the client’s budget while addressing the client’s brief and minimising the long term impact on the environment.

Leanne has a diverse skillset that she hopes will take her into the building and construction industry.  She loves design but acknowledges her strongest offerings to the industry are her background skills of administration, logistics and procurement management, project planning and coordination, commercial document development eg. tenders, contracts, schedules etc.

Leanne has a special interest in universal design and the adaptable home and would love to work in partnership with providers who consider these features when designing at any level.  She has a fledgling business with one of its aims being to assist people to organise and design their homes for longevity ie. to remain flexible and functional throughout their lives, with minimum cost to change and minimum waste for landfill.

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