My design philosophy has always been from the core belief of modernism - “Form follows function”. Creating something that is beautiful, efficient, effective and would stand the test of time. After completing a degree in Architecture back in 2014 and getting registered a year after in the Philippines, instead of diving into Architecture I started exploring the world of Interior Design. Being involved in several international and local projects has opened my eyes that design is cultural and cultivated and how big of an impact it gives to people and how much it can improve someone’s way of living.

I started formally learning about interior design later in life compared to other students. However, I have always been interested in interior design, especially arranging spaces and matching colours. I also enjoy pairing objects together, following the latest marketing trends and coming up with new ideas. I believe it is never too late for someone to follow their dreams and start studying.

I love that design has the ability to completely transform and elevate a space. It has provided me with the perfect opportunity to express my creativity in a functional and practical way. Through the course of the two years at CIT I have learnt so much about the industry and I am excited to continue to challenge myself and expand my knowledge in the world of design.  

Through my younger years I was always drawn to creative sectors, which is a given growing up with a dad in the industry and a mum who practices kitchen design. From a young age I built an interest for design and creating in order to express myself.

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