I have always loved design. I believe it has such a vital role in the way we live and interact in our everyday lives. Beautiful, functional spaces can make us think more clearly, can make us feel calmer, bolder, happier…can bring us together, can provide that quiet oasis we sometimes crave…so why wouldn’t we spend the time to get it right. This is my ethos, and this is my desire.

I am graduating with an Advanced Diploma in Interior Design. I have always loved the idea of interior design, creating a space in a way that someone may have never have thought of. Over the last 2 years I have learnt many valuable skills and out of the box ways to approach a project. I have also gained proficient technical skills in Cad, Sketchup, Revit and perfected my skills in Photoshop. I have always had a creative side which I explored with textiles, woodwork, photography, media and now interiors. Having creative parents who have always pushed me to strive for the best I can be, has helped me believe in myself and the way I design.

I’ve always loved chasing my creative side, producing anything from drawings using different mediums, lino-cut printing and photography to designing interiors. Using my inspiration and ideas to create original works of drawings and art, my passion for design only grew from there.

I’m interested in creating beautiful yet functional spaces that enhances the overall user experience and promotes well-being. I enjoy the design processes involved in the development of different projects to create unique and aesthetic environments specific to the brief. Having experience previously working in hospitality, I have a clearer understanding of how people use and interact in these public spaces. I want to pursue design in this area, as well as challenging myself to a range of different residential and commercial projects.

I have always been a creative person. I show my skills through art, fashion and makeup artistry. 3 years ago, my sister and I started our own business YFL Studio. We are two people that have completely different interests that can collaborate and explore our creative side through makeup artistry. Building YFL Studio hastaught me the importance of professionalism and client communication.I’ve always had a passion for interiors. I remember going to site visits and being captivated by the designand construction process. It was, and still is fascinating to me how a place so bare can transform by fusing different materials, colours and textures.

Graduating with an Advanced Diploma in Interior Design. I have always had a creative flair for styling and an interest in interiors. It was during my year last year of college when my mum was doing renovations to our home that I realised that I could incorporate this passion into designing and styling interiors.My design style consists of a neutral palette, simplistic minimalism with a hint of textural elements.My design concept is to create balanced spaces that enrich, harmonise and stimulate the senses.

As an arts major in South Korea, my interest originally centred around theatre and film, which included the design and construction of stages and film sets. This allowed me to discover a passion for creating designs that challenge and push the boundaries of built environments. Upon completing my studies, I spent time abroad and found an outlet for my new passion here in Canberra.

I have always been fascinated with how a conceptual artist communicates with an audience and how in response, the viewers' perception, emotion and/or mental understanding can change within that fraction of a moment.  It was this beauty and intrigue of a greater unspoken dialogue that lead me to Interior design.   

I found my passion in interior design after working in the hospitality industry and wanting to have the input into the spatial planning of the different areas. . I have studied in Newcastle, Sydney now Canberra and feel I have gained strong contacts and knowledge throughout this process. I see myself in a hands on creative environment in the future.

I am curious and passionate and always embrace new ideas and design solutions. I approach my work with enthusiastic commitment and dedication. My design philosophy is a user-centric with consideration for sustainability. Coming from a background in furniture design, I see interior design as a harmonious platform for integrating creativity and aesthetics into everyday life. It is a celebration of what I truly love. I believe in passion, compassion, dedication, commitment, and details. 

I am interested in a broad range of commercial, hospitality, retail, and residential design. I can't wait to learn more each and every day and keep growing in the industry. 

I have always been interested in what happens behind the scenes of designing a space. Where the inspiration came from? How was it manipulated into a design? and How the design achieves the goals set from the very start? I like how the design of a space can have a strong impact on someone’s mood within a few minutes. A good design will be unforgettable but also practical and comfortable as it serves a purpose.

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