Georgina Walker

  • Where I see myself in the design industry:

    I have a lifelong enthusiasm for design and how it adds quality of life in the workplace and at home. At present I am involved in a couple of individual home re-styling projects for family friends and associates. Right now I just want to take every opportunity I can to grow and develop my design style and see what pathways I wish to go down with my interior design skills as it is such a diverse industry; however I am mostly interested in industry sales consultant/representing roles as I have an enthusiasm for materials and their applications. This includes my fascination with colour and colour psychology behind improving aged care and disability living. With more years of experience behind me and a greater appreciation and understanding of the multi-facets of the design world, I may wish to then integrate this learning into my work going back to designing in the future. My ultimate dream would be to continue to learn and to be inspired and challenged to make my clients dreams come true, but to one day also design my own dream home with my partner.

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